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Initiating, accomplishing and implementing applied and intervention projects in the field of occupational safety and health is one of the IIOSH's major priorities. Most of such projects are financially supported by Israeli government and public institutions concerned with the workers' well-being, health and safety.

Selected recent and ongoing projects include:

 Safety and Health of Physically and Mentally Disabled Workers
A succession of completed and ongoing projects aimed at assuring decent, healthy and safe working conditions for physically and mentally disabled persons employed in the Israeli economy. A range of approaches, tools and guidelines have been developed and implemented for employers, employees, managers and OSH specialists.

 Integrated OSH E-learning System for Israeli Universities and Health Care Centers
A group of major Israeli universities and health care centers, led by the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and Sheba Medical Center at Tel Ha-Shomer, has initiated setting up a common asynchronous e-learning platform for continuous OSH training of their staff, as required by law. IIOSH has been requested to manage and coordinate this large-scale project and to contribute professional advice and content. At this stage, the system will comprise several learning modules: General Safety, Biological Safety, Chemical Safety, Radiation Safety, Safe Work with Nanoparticles, Fire Safety, Electrical Safety, Office Safety and Safe Manual Handling.

 Mobile Training Unit for Hearing Conservation
An innovative mobile training unit will be designed and built for delivering a convincing call for hearing protection right to the workplace – factories, construction sites and farms. The unit concept relies on the rich longtime experience of operating the IIOSH's unique fleet of safety mobile training units. The new unit will be equipped with a leading-edge multimedia interactive learning system, purpose-produced videos and hands-on exhibits stressing the need for properly selected and used hearing protection equipment, for workplace noise monitoring and for periodic hearing check-ups. The unit will be capable of on-site training of 20,000 workers annually.

 Safe Communities
IIOSH has joined the international Safe Community project, initiated and coordinated by WHO and aiming at raising the health and safety awareness and performance in municipal frameworks. The ongoing project is carried out in close collaboration with the local authorities and elected officials in several Israeli towns with mainly Jewish, mainly Arabic or mixed populations: Ra'anana, Umm-el-Fahm, Ramle, Netanya, Ashdod, and Carmiel.

 Towards Healthier Work at Israeli Farms
This innovative intervention project includes comprehensive and systematic assessment and mapping of various occupational health risks in Israeli agriculture: biological, chemical, physical and environmental, ergonomic and safety-related. The study results will be used for developing adequate risk control measures and prevention strategies, as well as for providing Israeli occupational physicians with an up-to-date knowledge base.

 Promoting Workplace Safety and Health at Israeli SMEs
IIOSH has been assigned the management, coordination and quality control functions in a large national project of promoting workplace safety and health at  small and medium-size enterprises (SMEs). Practical assistance to SMEs, including safety risk surveys, environmental surveys, on-site training and consulting, is carried out by private companies selected by the government tender, while the IIOSH professional team monitors and evaluates their performance.

 Practical Implementation of the Safety Management Plan Regulations 
This ongoing project is intended to assist the industrial workplaces in efficient and trouble-free implementation of the new Workplace Safety Regulations on Safety Management Plan, adopted in 2013 and scheduled to enter into force in 2014.

 Competent Institution
An ongoing project related to the IIOSH's status as an ILO - nominated National Competent Institution with regard to the Guidelines on Occupational Safety and Health Management Systems (ILO-OSH 2001). The Competent Institution deals in the ILO-OSH 2001 promotion, implementation, certification, guidance and consulting. So far over 250 Israeli enterprises have taken part in this project, among them leading industrial corporations and R&D centers.