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International Collaboration

We at the Israel Institute for Occupational Safety and Hygiene (IIOSH) are convinced that international cooperation is an essential part of our efforts to promote safety and health at work in our country. IIOSH operates as a part of the global network of safety and health institutions, coordinated by the International Labour Office (ILO) with its Information Centre (CIS).

Our wish to share knowledge and experience with the colleagues abroad makes IIOSH a willing partner in various international projects. The most notable among them are:

Prevention of silicosis among marble and artificial stone workers
IIOSH actively collaborates with the EU-OSHA, Spanish Instituto Nacional de Silicosis (INS) and other international partners on the research and prevention of silicosis, an incurable occupational lung disease. Our representatives have taken part in the joint EU - Israel silicosis workshop in Bilbao, visited their Spanish colleagues at INS in Oviedo, and hosted them in Tel Aviv where they guided a seminar for IIOSH occupational hygienists.

 International Chemical Safety Cards (ICSC)
Recently IIOSH has joined the collaborative project, run jointly by WHO, ILO and EU-OSHA, on the translation of International Chemical Safety Cards (ICSC) into various languages. Several dozens of ICSC have already been produced in Hebrew, and we're working on the Hebrew localization of the ICSC international database.
 International Hazard Datasheets on Occupations
In this endeavor, supported by ILO and involving such participants as NIOSH (USA), CIOP (Poland), BIA (Germany) and others, IIOSH is playing a pivotal role, including the project leadership. We've coordinated the preparation and publication of hundreds of datasheets that are becoming an important information resource for occupational risk analysis and prevention.

Additional information on this project, together with numerous datasheets in English and a link to their Russian translations, may be found here.
 Training of Palestinian labor inspectors
IIOSH, jointly with other Israeli and international organizations, has conducted - mostly in English - a comprehensive training course for Palestinian engineers and physicians who were to be appointed labor inspectors in the Palestinian Authority. The contents and level of training were then highly appraised by the Authority''s officials, by the trainees themselves, and by the representatives of the Government of Denmark, which took an active part in this project.

We hope that professional collaboration and knowledge exchange with our Arab neighbors will further develop and contribute to safety, health and peace in our region.
 ILO Encyclopaedia of Occupational Health and Safety - 4th Edition
A number of our colleagues at IIOSH have actively participated in the preparation of this fundamental compendium of OSH information. You may found their contributions in Chapters 55 and 103.
 Dissemination of safety information among foreign workers in Israel
Being concerned with the safety and health of agricultural workers from Thailand, of whom thousands are employed in Israel, IIOSH has established contacts with our Thai colleagues. The materials kindly provided by them were used for the preparation of a Thai-language pamphlet containing basic safety guidelines. It was then freely distributed among the workers. Similar pamphlets were also prepared for Chinese, Turkish, Romanian, and Russian construction workers.
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Exchange of information and ideas with our foreign counterparts became an indispensable part of many IIOSH activities. A few examples:

 Close international contacts with British, Australian and other colleagues helped us in developing the Israeli Safety Management standard - IS 18001.

 The new Noise training class owes much of its concept to German specialists.

 Our activity in the field of Transport of Dangerous Goods is coordinated with the British HSE and other European organizations.

 An important part of our technical book "Working with VDU" was based on the materials provided by the fellow institutes from Finland and New Zealand.
IIOSH is a National Center for Israel of the CIS/ILO and is actively engaged in their activities. We are open to suggestions and proposals for professional collaboration, either bi-national or multi-national, at any level: regional, European, or international.