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The Knowledge and Innovation Center is engaged in retrieving and locating existing, new and innovative information from private, national and global databases in the fields of occupational safety and health, which can promote the safety and health of workers in Israel. The information includes innovative techniques and technologies, contemporary studies, current literature reviews, regulatory innovations, standardization and legislation updates, changes in perception, management and organizational and national policies, etc.

The Knowledge and Innovation Center processes the information it has collected in the form of articles, news from the world, answers to questions received at the IIOSH's Information Center and Learning developed by the IIOSH's Learning Development Center, etc., which it publishes in a monthly newsletter for registered subscribers.

Also, the Knowledge and Innovation Center develops innovative information access tools, such as a chatbot, which is based on artificial intelligence, in the field of occupational safety and health to bring essential information easily, quickly and efficiently.

The Knowledge and Innovation Center works to bring information in its various forms to as many workers, safety experts, supervisors and policy makers in all employment sectors for the purpose of improving the safety and health of all workers in Israel.