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Israel Institute for Occupational Safety and Hygiene (IIOSH) carries out a wide range of training activities in all fields of the national economy across the country:

  Courses, seminars, lectures and workshops for OSH professionals and representatives, lasting from several hours up to 36 teaching days (the main comprehensive safety officers' course).

  Short courses and other training events for workers and managers.

  On-site safety training of workers using Mobile Training Units.
  Individual and group online training using a range of web platforms.

All IIOSH training activities comply with the quality standard ISO 9001-2015 and are supported by a comprehensive and continuously updated library of printed and electronic publications.

While the leading language of instruction is Hebrew, many training activities are performed in other languages spoken by the Israeli workforce: Arabic, Russian, Chinese, Thai, Turkish, Romanian,
 English and more.

Every year, IIOSH trains over 100,000 workers, managers and OSH professionals in the course of almost 2,000 teaching days. These figures include over 57,000 workers trained at their industrial factories, construction sites and agricultural farms by the IIOSH-designed and operated fleet of technologically advanced Mobile Training Units.

These units are actually truck or van mounted computer classes equipped with a leading-edge interactive multi-lingual e-learning system, as well as with hands-on exhibits: personal protective equipments, safety signs etc.

See a short video on IIOSH Mobile Training Units: